A gamer dating app pivots to the metaverse by Kippo 2.0

Kippo, a dating and social community for gamers, opened in September 2019. As a result, it is pivoting into a metaverse application. Kippo 2.0 still allows players to continue dating. However, they can also engage with other people within the application by setting up their own homes and meeting up in social spaces. According to Kippo CEO David Park, in an interview with GamesBeat, Kippo hopes this immersive app will set itself apart from other social apps. In novels such as Snow Crash and Ready Player One, the metaverse is the interconnected universe of virtual worlds.

Our goal every year is to 10X Kippo, as Park said before all this metaverse stuff started circulating. “One day, I expect Kippo to be like an immersive world like an MMORPG, where you have your avatar interacting with people through your avatars”. “Gamers understand this kind of environment,” he said. It’s not called the metaverse by them. They call it video games. A long-time idea of ours, we started designing it early this year.

Kippo Community

Currently, Kippo has 180,000 active users per month. In comparison with other dating apps on the market, Kippo users meet friends about 30% of the time. By diving into user-generated content, Kippo aims to create a platonic or romantic relationship experience. The majority of the site’s users are looking for dates or partners. It will now be a completely new user interface where the home screen will be the home that you design and customize. Moreover, each user is allowed to create their own avatar, so they can express themselves. “We want to create a virtual existence for a user so they can interact more naturally and share experiences as they create these worlds,” said Park.

No Awkward feelings

Users can interact with their avatars. In a new arcade, avatars can meet and play games together for a first date or many dates instead of feeling awkward about meeting in person. In addition, there are “dope spaces” where friends and friends of friends can gather to chat. Kippo 2.0 will still include matching features, but with an upgraded algorithm and a new bot detection AI system, it will be better than ever. The in-app purchase for cosmetics starts at $15 for premium options. Park believes dating should be fun, but traditional dating apps don’t cater to this. In Kippo 2.0, users will be able to interact when/how they want.

The app will also be available on Google Play and App Store in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and some parts of Asia, including Cambodia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore. With Cheeyoon Lee and Sean Suyeda, Park founded Kippo in 2019 with the support of Jason Calacanis at Launch and former Tinder executives.

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