After ARterra partnership, Complexity Gaming NFTs are a certainty

US-based esports organization Complexity Gaming, which is a subsidiary of GameSquare Esports. That has agreed to a deal with ARterra to move into the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) market. Complexity Gaming has chosen ARterra as both the Official NFT Marketplace and the Exclusive NFT Platform as part of the partnership.
ARterra and Complexity Gaming will be working together. Allowing ARterra to engage with the gaming community, and Complexity Gaming fans and viewers specifically. While also allowing Complexity Gaming to educate their followers about the importance and relevance of digital collectibles. Additionally, provide them with a carbon-neutral marketplace. Where they can buy their own NFTs themed after Complexity Gaming and enhance their enjoyment and knowledge of the NFT industry.
Upon the official launch of the platform, companies and individuals will be encouraged to contribute assets and help sort and publicize the launch.

Promoting and engaging with NFTs is a big move

Esports organizations and NFT-tech based firms are collaborating on a series of deals that will prove to be a long line of deals going forward. We have already seen Immortals announce an agreement with and Team Spirit partner with Bitget. While G2 Esports announced their own NFT-based “Samurai Army” project. Samsung has also announced that they will make their first NFT-compatible TVs by 2022, enabling users to not only view NFT’s but also buy and sell them on a range of marketplaces. Esports organizations are fully aware that strong NFT representation can resonate very well with their fan base. And provide them with an extra revenue stream, as is the case with other fringe industries such as official clothing and esports betting.

ARterra’s Amazing technology

The choice of ARterra as the NFT-partner of Complexity Gaming is perhaps unsurprising. Founder of Complexity Gaming, Jason Lake, was one of the early investors in the company last year when they sought an opening round of funding. Complexity Gaming’s CEO, Justin Kenna, stated:
“NFT’s are an incredible technology, and we are excited to have named ARterra. As the official NFT Marketplace of Complexity and our Exclusive NFT Platform.”
“I have been incredibly impressed with ARterra and we are thrilled to be partnering with a leader in the NFT industry. As it launches one of the most exciting NFT platforms and marketplaces serving esports and gaming.”
ARterra’s CEO, Bridge Craven, was equally optimistic about the partnership:
“We love the competitive history and the incredibly engaging content creators at Complexity Gaming. We strive to provide authentic digital collectible experiences for fans to engage more deeply with the brands that they love.”
“Importantly, we believe that bringing enhanced understanding to fans is critical as digital collectibles grow in popularity.”

New Generations of NFTs

NFTs have been a divisive topic amongst game players. For these partnerships, it will be key to educate the community on NFTs. NFTs have already put bans on some top companies. While Square Enix’s fanbase overwhelmingly rejected the announcement that the company plans to implement them next year. Therefore, it appears to be a schism developing within the esports industry in regards to them; this must be addressed through education and perhaps, some degree of regulation. Nevertheless, partnerships that educate the fanbase about NFTs, like this one, are desirable.

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