CloneX NFT Project Upcoming Review

The CloneX project is one of the most highly anticipated NFT projects to date. It is equipped for the Metaverse and features high-quality avatars and a community-oriented environment. In the fewest possible words, 20,000 NFTs will be suitable for all kinds of content, such as movies, games, and other features, both in and outside of the Metaverse.

In mid-November, the CloneX series is expected to release 20,000 NFT avatars. To make the pre-sale price as reasonable for collectors as possible, the pre-sale price of an NFT will be fixed at 0.05 ETH. 

As far as the General Public Sale is concerned, there will be 10,000 Non-Fungible Tokens generated at random in the first batch. In the course of the game, collectors will have the opportunity to earn up to three Avatars per wallet. All avatar characteristics will be randomly chosen and displayed following the public vote.

CloneX is a perfect tool for taking along your favorite NFT avatar. It is the first portable NFT, which was set and designed by the Japanese sneaker company RTFKT (pronounced as artifact).

CloneX RTFKT Studio Artifact

Roadmap of CloneX NFT 

This road map is primarily intended to make it easier for users of the Metaverse to access real-world stimulation in the Metaverse while in it. Metaverse has created a 3D file available for download and can be used on various platforms. If you wish, you may dress your clone however you like and customize it to your liking. Shortly, they are going to introduce a new clothing brand. 

CloneX benefits directly from the ecosystem, drawing inspiration from a world-class ecosystem. Besides virtual collectibles, you could also purchase real-world collectibles through the game.

The company is well known for its strong social media presence. Collectors of NFT are delighted about the upcoming launch of CloneX. Almost anyone can purchase its non-financial tokens (NFTs).

How Can You purchase a CloneX NFT?

The full details of purchasing a CloneX NFT have yet to be revealed. Despite this, they have announced that a Dutch auction will precede the launch. NFTs are sold at a fixed price in a Dutch Auction and follow a steady price decline until they reach their lowest price. 

The project’s price begins high and gradually falls until it reaches its resting price or sells out. Between 1 and 3, Ethereum is expected to be the starting times for the Dutch CloneX auction.

Clone-X pre-sale event

For the 48-hour pre-sale, you can only buy NFTs released already by RTFKT studios, such as Jeff Staples and RTFKT collaboration, Fewocious, and RTFKT collaboration, and so on. You can purchase three pre-sale items with one qualified RTFKT NFT. We will update our official website and social media platforms such as Twitter and Discord when the NFT is available for purchase.

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