Customers criticize HTC Metaverse plans

There have been negative reactions to HTC VIVE because of its planned Metaverse. Many users didn’t seem to like the company’s Metaverse plans. In a Metaverse product called Viverse, HTC VIVE, HTC Corporation’s virtual reality brand, announced a new product on Thursday. Bitcoin and Ethereum can be used to purchase NFTs as well as Metaverse-related services through the Viverse. As part of a promotional video released by HTC Vive, the company highlighted Metaverse’s features. Including a virtual wine tasting service that can be purchased using Bitcoin and NFTs that can be purchased using Ethereum. The company has, however, been criticized a lot by users. Who disagree with the Metaverse vision and its adoption of cryptos.

HTC’s embrace of NFTs and crypto has generated harsh disapproval among anonymous users. Some of whom have threatened to boycott HTC products. “You can keep the crypto garbage, I’ll stick with my valve hardware”, wrote SpookyBiscuits in response to HTC’s post. Windyson, another critic of the move, advised HTC VIVE to “stick to making hardware” and added that “metaverse and NFTs are horrible”. An obituary was also posted for VIVE, by nyaarium, writing: “VIVE had a great life, bringing the world of VR to many”. It was discovered that VIVE contracted NFT, and unfortunately did not survive.

HTC Viverse pissed users

HTC has joined other tech companies such as Discord, Ubisoft, Kickstarter, and Mozilla that have faced backlash from considering NFTs. The backlash against Web2 companies was largely sparked by the perceived environmental impact of Proof-of-Work, the consensus that enables Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains.

In recent years, the Metaverse concept has grown in popularity since the rebranding of Facebook to Meta and its announcement that it would be revamped to “help bring the Metaverse to life”. By leveraging its expertise in virtual reality, Facebook may offer immersive online services to compete with blockchain-based Metaverse players like Decentraland and The Sandbox.

Since HTC has made a notable name for itself in virtual reality over the past half-decade, the Metaverse may become a strategic niche for the firm going forward. Furthermore, HTC has also been interested in blockchain for a while. The HTC Exodus 1 was launched in early 2019 as a crypto wallet and Ethereum dApps-compatible smartphone.

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