Emirates plans to enter the metaverse and launch its own NFTs

Emirates Airlines will develop collectible and utility-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs), signalling a foray into the rapidly growing NFT market. The airline said in a statement that the first initiatives are already underway, with a debut expected in the coming months.

“Dubai and the UAE are leading the way in the digital economy, with a clear vision supported by practical policies and regulatory frameworks. In areas like virtual assets, artificial intelligence, and data protection,” said Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoum, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Emirates Airlines and Group.

Emirates has always embraced innovative technologies to improve business processes, expand their customer offerings, and broaden the talents and experiences of their workers. For them, it’s thrilling about the possibilities in the future digital realm. So, they’re dedicating major financial and resource resources to develop goods and services based on sophisticated technologies. Because this will increase revenue, improve brand experience, and improve company efficiencies.

Expo pavilion repurposed by Emirates

Emirates has announced that their pavilion at Expo 2020 site¬†will be transformed into an innovation hub. Bringing together talent from around the world to bring to life. As a result, the airline’s future-focused ventures are including those linked to the metaverse, NFTs, and Web3.

More than 5 years ago, Emirates debuted web virtual reality (VR) technology on emirates.com and the Emirates app. Providing an immersive 3D, 360-degree picture of its cabin interior experiences onboard. Customers can use the 3D seat map to preview their seats before checking in online. And potential customers can reserve their favourite seats directly from the 3D environment.

It was the first airline to create its own virtual reality (VR) software on the Oculus store last year. Providing passengers with precise, life-size, and engaging cabin interior experiences onboard Emirates’ flagship A380 and Boeing 777-300ER Gamechanger aircraft. Users can, for example, “pick up” goods from the Onboard Lounge, “switch on” the Shower Spa, or “shut” the private suite doors behind them. They can even look around in the cockpit.

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