First-ever NFT Cricket Game launches

GuardianLink launched the first-ever P2E nft cricket game on, a marketplace for NFTS.

1st NFT Cricket Game: Full Scenario

GuardianLink launched the world’s first non-fungible token (NFT) cricket game on Wednesday. The first-of-its-kind mobile game is available on Android, iOS, and PC and enables players to monetize their time and efforts, the company said in a statement. On Wednesday, it said the game’s website would be launched. “At this point, cricket enthusiasts and NFT collectors can begin to sign up for the waitlist.”

As part of GuardianLink’s NFT marketplace,, the company has launched the world’s first P2E cricket game.

“Watching cricket in India has always been an experience for every cricket fan, especially with the new formats this year,” said Ramkumar Subramaniam, co-founder, and CEO of GuardianLink. The launch of India’s pioneering NFT cricket game is the most appropriate moment to announce its release, as it will serve as a unique product for all cricket enthusiasts.”

As part of the project, the company also plans to develop India’s first cricket metaverse. Depending on the end goal, the users can play either for free or pay to earn, allowing them to earn passive income or pure entertainment.

According to the company, the multiplayer game will attract the interest and patronage of NFT, gaming, and cricket enthusiasts from one of the world’s largest cricket fan nations – India – as well as from around the globe.

The blockchain world has been a major part of GuardianLink’s roots since 2016. The company is an innovator of NFT technologies. The company invented Anti.Rip and Wallet.Cipher technologies for the NFT world have created Legitimacy protocol frameworks for the NFT ecosystem.

What are NFTs?

In the financial world, fungible assets are assets that can easily be traded. Currency notes are an example. It is possible to exchange two Rs 5 notes for a Rs 10 note, which will have the same value.

It is impossible to non-fungible interchange assets because they possess unique characteristics. A non-fungible asset might be a painting or a house with unique features, qualities, and properties. Photographs or prints of the original painting are possible, but the original will always remain unique.

Digital signatures are unique to each NFT. The cryptocurrency Ether or dollars usually use for the purchase of NFTs. Transactions on NFTs record on a blockchain. The internet offers a variety of digital objects which can turn into NFTs through a simple process, including photos, videos, music, text, and tweets.

A digital artwork or asset can tokenize by the creator if available in digital format.

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