First-of-its-kind open-Metaverse & User-Generated Re-source Project from Adidas Originals and Prada

In their third collaboration, the Adidas Originals and Prada international brands are taking innovation and originality to the next level. Re-source by Adidas for Prada is a first-of-its-kind NFT partnership featuring user-generated and creator-owned art. As part of the project, participants across fashion, design, and crypto. That will create a digital artwork inspired by Re-Nylon’s physical collection. Adidas and Prada will invite their respective audiences to share their unique, anonymous photographs for the open-metaverse project. Zack Lieberman, digital artist, and creative coder will assemble 3,000 community-sourced artworks into a single mass-patchwork NFT. Adidas for Prada re-source NFT participants will be able to retain ownership of their tiles, making it a truly collaborative endeavor.

SuperRare, a platform for curated NFT artworks, will host Lieberman’s final NFT on Adidas and Prada. Approximately 70 percent of the proceeds go to Slow Factory. A non-profit organization, and institute that creates meaningful solutions through education. Adidas Originals and Prada are co-developing a new kind of collective rooted in ownership, authenticity, and community that takes advantage of NFTs and Web3 technology. To build the project on the Polygon network, Adidas and Prada collaborated with Polygon Studios. Unquestionably community-driven and relentlessly innovative. Re-source marks Adidas and Prada’s latest collaborative project in the metaverse.

Participation in the Adidas for Prada Re-source project

Any individual can create and mint a pseudonymous NFT, which will be featured in the Adidas for Prada Re-source project, starting on January 24. Users will be asked to submit photos using a filter designed by Zach Lieberman, to create their contributions. At the end of the waitlist period, 3,000 contributors will be randomly selected to participate in the drop. With 1,000 spots reserved for holders of the Adidas Originals Into the Metaverse NFT. And another 500 reserved for people who tried to purchase Into the metaverse but failed.

The selected will be able to return to the website between January 26 and 27 and mint their photograph contribution for free. Lieberman will create a digital artwork made up of individual tiles showcasing contributions from all co-creators.

Created by creators for creators

As part of the NFT project, all 3,000 contributors will hold full intellectual property rights to their NFTs. And will be able to sell them on the secondary market. A portion of the auction sale of each individual NFT will distribute among its owners each time it sells, in perpetuity. Web3 technology has enabled a new model of shared ownership, which is key to the crypto arts movement.

Utilizes open-metaverse technology

Adidas for Prada Re-source individual tiles by using a Polygon-compatible network that is both energy-efficient and low-cost. The collaboration based on open-source Web3 technology allows anyone to contribute artwork, receive NFTs, and benefit from collective ownership.

In collaboration with gmoney, PUNKS Comic, and Bored Ape Yacht Club, Adidas Originals’ first-ever NFT project Into the Metaverse launched in December 2021 and minted 30,000 NFTs for over 21,000 buyers. In order to further explore how brands can transcend the physical world to find resonance in virtual spaces, Adidas Originals and Prada plan to build on this momentum.

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