Gentry NFTs & DeFi end bankers’ generational curse of poverty

“I almost gave up when I started, and I just want to simplify crypto for others,” said Brenda Gentry. She is a former USAA mortgage underwriter.

Brenda Gentry, formerly a mortgage underwriter for USAA, believes cryptocurrencies can help to end poverty.

She currently runs Gentry Media Productions, a company that advises decentralized finance (DeFi) and nonfungible token (NFT) projects. Her projects generating up to 20 ether (ETH) each month, or nearly $50,000 at the time of writing. It was termed as her initial investments confirmed the “unprecedented opportunities” offered by crypto.

Gentry early investment to crypto

Gentry told Cointelegraph this is when she bought crypto:

During the lockdown in early 2020. I purchased Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Link on Coinbase. Several times, I was close to giving up. I just want to make it easier for others to get into crypto.”

As a result of this early investment, Gentry also focused on learning about DeFi, which eventually led to her investing in altcoins. 

Gentry’s educational content on her website

Providing educational content on her website, the entrepreneur acknowledges the steep learning curve involved in crypto, adding:

I am also presenting seminars to educate the general public on navigating this space and the types of things to watch out for when searching for good NFT projects or DeFi tokens, as well as how to quickly detect scams or rug pulls.”

Genotry’s daughter and business partner interest in crypto

Genotry’s daughter and business partner Imani told Cointelegraph that her friends are becoming more interested in crypto. She said:

“I find it interesting that people follow trends – everyone makes their own projects & creates 10,000 collections because they see how things work.”

Gentry’s Plan B

Most people are surprised to learn that Gentry did not have a Plan B before starting her new career as owner of Bundlesbet, a DeFi platform dedicated to betting on sports. “My husband and daughters encouraged me to pursue my dreams full time, and I am glad I did,” she said.

“I do not want anyone to get left behind.” Gentry intends to help accelerate a breakdown of the generational curses of poverty around the world by giving back to the community. It is her intention to visit her home country Kenya this year and equip Educate a Child with the knowledge about this new asset class and the opportunities it affords.

Gentry encourages people to invest in crypto

Gentry encourages people who want to follow suit to research this space first before jumping in.

 In her opinion, new investors should understand the negative aspects of crypto to avoid getting scammed:

“If you are considering investing in cryptocurrency, the chance to gain financial freedom is well worth watching a few educational crypto YouTube videos or reading a book on the topic.”

19-year-old Imani’s Crypto future

Crypto, says 19-year-old Imani, will be part of the future. She concluded:

‘Learn as much as you can about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and teach your parents, siblings, and others as these are disruptive technologies that require a major paradigm shift in the way we think about centralized finance and fiat money.”

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