Horizon Metaverse opens up access to its VR social platform

VR social platform of Horizon Metaverse is finally available to the public after nearly two years and a company rebrand. Quest will be accessible to people 18 and over in the US and Canada starting on Thursday.

Horizon Metaverse: CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s vision

In Horizon Metaverse, the company makes its first attempt to resemble CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for the metaverse. The platform combines Roblox and the OASIS VR world of Ready Player One into one expansive, multi-player experience. Horizon Metaverse was originally just called Horizon and allowed 20 simultaneous users to hang out in a virtual space. It requires a Facebook account to be able to use.

Horizon Metaverse: a private beta

In September 2019, Horizon Worlds was announced as a private beta. Since then, it has evolved from mainly being a Minecraft-like building environment to an even more social platform. There are meditation sessions, comedy shows, and movie nights organized by its beta testers. They’ve also constructed elaborate replicas of movies like the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters. Vivek Sharma, Meta’s VP of Horizon, says that now people can learn about interesting things they can do.

Working on determining basic code

It is one of the most important features of Horizon Worlds that you can write basic code that determines how objects work, such as shooting when you press the trigger or bouncing when they touch a surface. 

In a similar way to Photoshop, the code, called script blocks, will let you chain together rules to create complex interactions, such as an automated leaderboard that updates after a game has finished. 

Horizon Metaverse: Script blocks

horizon metaverse

In response to beta testers’ requests, Meta employees have been creating script blocks. They plan on releasing a library of those script blocks for free in the future. There will also be an asset library of objects. Currently, Meta does all the script block coding in VR, but eventually, they plan to let you build them from your desktop.

Especially in virtual environments such as Horizon Worlds, where you can easily interact with strangers, safety is a major concern. So, Horizon Metaverse pays special focus on safety. 

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