In the DarePlay Metaverse, DareNFT will launch a new product

Throughout the industry, things are changing rapidly. Over the past few months, the metaverse has emerged as a new phenomenon in the market. While DareNFT still tries to catch any trend with its core product, it still holds true to its initial belief in its ability to do so. DarePlay Metaverse will be an upgrade to the project’s MVP product DarePlay which appeared with the arrival of the metaverse. The DarePlay Metaverse is a place where guilds, gamers, and NFT games all have a place to share skills, knowledge, and advertise their brands. This transition to a 3D model for DarePlay also calls for a new token for the new model.

Dareplay FairDrop worth $1M

Token DPL, which is a purely community-based token, governs the new version of DarePlay. The launch of DPL will be based on the Fair Launch model with a so-called ‘no seed, no private, no venture capital; purely community-driven event.

As far as cryptocurrency is concerned, Fair Launch has always been the holy grail. Yearn. Finance began using liquidity mining as a means of acquiring its tokens after launching its tokens without VC allocation, pre-mine, or ICO. Many other popular cryptocurrencies are launched in this way such as SushiSwap, Trader Joe, and Gitcoin.
DareNFT’s new token, $DPL, will be issued for 48 months and have a fixed price. Unlike DPL IDO, FairDrop will launch DPL IDO via a specialized activity. As a tribute activity, DareNFT gains no benefits from it, it does not involve fundraising activity, but rewards long-term $DNFT holders and supporters for their contributions to DareNFT.

The Fairdrop protocol will use 10% of the total supply of $DPL. Taking the listing price of $0.01 into account, the total FairDrop value is $1M. DareNFT will directly airdrop 10,000,000 $DPL to loyal members of DareNFT in the first Fairdrop in January. As a result, $DNFT will have an initial market cap of $100,000. When DPL is listed, it won’t participate in any seed, private, or VC sales.

All loyal $DNFT members eligible for the offer

DarePlay has announced that DPL is the next IGO. DP is the interest-bearing cryptocurrency for Stockers and Liquidity Farmers, and it is required for users to join FairDrop. FairDrop is known as the ‘give-it-all-to-$DNFT-loyal-members’ event because it gives it all to loyal members. A loyal member stakes their token or adds liquidity and earns Daily Points. The team’s recently launched IGO model also uses DP in DPL FairDrop. The more DareNFT is minted and used, the stronger the DareNFT ecosystem will be. Think of DP as STETH that ETH 2.0 holders receive when staking on the Lido staking platform.

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