Lamborghini Enters Metaverse With 3D Printed Space Key NFT

Lamborghini has introduced a non-fungible token (NFT) with artwork themed around space titled the Lamborghini Space Key. So, Lamborghini sent a 3D-printed carbon fiber block to the International Space Station (ISS). It started back in 2019 as part of a joint research project. A purely digital artwork, created exclusively by an undisclosed artist. Forms the basis of the Space Key created since the crew returned to Earth. Only five Space Keys, each linked to a space-themed NFT, have been created, and they’ll be officially revealed and auctioned in a few weeks.

Stephan Winkelmann, Chairman, and CEO of Automobile Lamborghini noted that the company’s DNA because it is deeply rooted in innovation. The joint research project in space two and a half years ago allowed us to push boundaries as a leading manufacturer of carbon fiber composite materials. Lamborghini’s entry into the metaverse is proof that the company is always exploring new horizons.

Lamborghini’s 3D printing

Lamborghini has been using 3D printing technology to make parts for non-critical parts of its supercars for some time. It began with Stratasys’ FDM technology. In 2019, the firm signed an agreement with 3D printer OEM Carbon to 3D print parts for its Urus Super SUVs, such as textured fuel caps and air duct clips. Lamborghini and Carbon continued their partnership the following year to 3D print. The air intakes for the automaker’s first hybrid production car, the Si├ín FKP 37.
Lamborghini also made a significant contribution to Italy’s Covid-19 response. Through the use of its own 3D printing facilities to produce medical equipment, such as lung simulators.

Metaverse entry for Lamborghini

Lamborghini has collaborated with NFTs for its latest 3D printing-related project, creating an exclusive space-themed artwork based on 3D printing. An NFT is an identifier stored on a blockchain ledger and tied to a digital asset, like a photo, video, or song. As each NFT token is unique, owners can ensure authenticity, scarcity, and traceability.

Lamborghini will reveal the name of its first NFT along with its nature in a few weeks, supported by white-label NFT specialist NFTPro. In due course, dates, times, auction house, and registration will also be announced. The physical piece of the Space Key is a 3D-printed carbon fiber piece. That comes with a QR code on the back that connects to the digital artwork. Following its tests and completed research tasks on the ISS. Lamborghini’s first-ever NFT piece was flown back to Earth and used as the physical anchor. Only five Space Keys exist for this project, each linked to a new work of art by an as-yet-unknown artist.

Tim Bravo, Head of Communications at Lamborghini, said in a LinkedIn post that he has a fascination w blockchain and all the possibilities this technology offers. Tokens and cryptocurrency are by far the most popular and most remarkable blockchain applications.

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