Lamborghini with its first NFT

Lamborghini with its first NFT sets the bar high for car brands. The first NFT, created by artist Fabian Oefner, sees a famous sports car deconstructed as it launches from Earth to the moon. Many NFT fans know the phrase “to the moon” – bragging that a good project will reach new heights. For more information about NFTs, What are NFTs? find out everything you need to know.

A nod to the 1969 Apollo 11 moon mission continues the lunar connection in Lamborghini’s racing seat. will host five NFT auctions (five artworks) starting at 4 pm CET on 1 February. And each auction will last 75 hours and 50 minutes – the same amount of time it took Apollo 11 to reach the moon.

Lamborghini to the moon?

Despite Lamborghini’s bravado, which is part of the brand’s appeal. There is a piece of art that goes against the trend of ape doodles NFTs are known for. The artworks created by Oberner for Lamborghini Aventador Ultimate are not 3D renderings, but rather a collage of over 1500 photos of real car parts. All find them incredibly likable and beautiful.

Furthermore, the NFT goes beyond what appears at first glance. So, each NFT contains both physical and digital elements. You will receive a digital component with your photo art, while a carbon fiber Space Key will be a physical collectible. Featuring QR codes linking work of art to materials sent into space and back again. Each is made from material sent into space and back again.

A Lamborghini Aventador Ultimate costs £400,000 in real life, so we should expect these NFTs to ‘get to the moon’, starting at $100 dollars. No matter how skeptical you are, it’s impossible not to appreciate Oefner’s brand-perfect creations as a work of art. And there’s a great need for art to be properly appreciated.

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