Looking for Solana NFTs? UFB Face Card is a perfect choice!

There is a variety of NFTs in the market, and choosing your perfect fit might be confusing. You must buy the NFT that you truly like, and the one that suits your style. We have countless new projects every day, however, the one we will have a view of today is different. Let us introduce you to the Unidentified Flying Bat Face Card aka UFBFC. If you like bats and unique art, then this collection will surely excite you.

UFBFC is based on the Solana blockchain, which is our favorite choice. Solana means low GAS fees and easy minting and managing of your NFTs. Our guess is that Solana will rule the market in the coming years. Hence, not only Solana NFTs are a great collection but also an investment.

Talking about our protagonist, UFBFC is a collection of 10,000 NFTs. So what makes them unique? Well, they are hand-drawn, algorithmically created, expressive NFTs. If you truly understand art, then you will definitely love the idea behind these NFTs. They are the creation of NoWayTouch.nft based in New York City.

The mint of UFBFC NFTs has already started. If you’re interested, then you can check out their official mint website at ufbfacecard.com. The NFTs can be minted in a matter of seconds through Phantom Wallet with Solana. You can also check out the official Instagram page of UFB Face Card.

So are you going to mint UFBFC NFTs? We surely love the art and would love to see a good future for these NFTs.

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