MetaStores for the Metaverse are launched by Eyekandy

Retailers and brands will be able to easily deploy custom stores and sales campaigns into the metaverse for promoting and selling digital goods, such as NFTs. For a marketing world that is still trying to figure out what a metaverse is. And how to make use of it, metaverse projects can be a considerable expense and distraction. The Eyekandy platform allows retailers and brands to learn about all things metaverse without having to dive into the specifics of how to do so.

According to Richard Clarke, Head of Metaverse & NFT’s at Eyekandy, Launching successfully in the Metaverse is a multitiered, complex undertaking. Their brands and retail partners are not required to do any learning or experimenting as we do it on their behalf. Several Metaverses are available with a variety of ways to launch. With their heritage in 3D and AR production and syndication, this is a very organic evolution of their business. The creation of 3D assets, purchasing of digital real estate, social media management, content moderation, combining digital and real-world merchandise, and much more requires careful consideration, planning, and execution. The Eyekandy site provides retailers and brands with the opportunity to experiment with the Metaverse, without huge budgets or distractions.

Metaverse buzz with major brands and eyekandy

The Metaverse consists of 3D virtual worlds where people can connect with one another. After Facebook announced a rebranding to META in October, brands across the globe have also taken notice. In the last three months, Nike, Samsung, Ralph Lauren, and many other companies. Have developed Metaverse products for the sale of digital merchandise.
Scott Lester, the founder, shared his vision for reshaping the way people shop by using augmented reality. Today, this is actually changing the shopping experience for everyone. Through their ‘metastore.x’ and ‘brandstore.x’ metaverse locations, Eyekandy has invested in digital real estate across the metaverse so that their partners can engage and experiment quickly and easily with us in this new digital frontier. Consumers are already shopping and buying in the Metaverse – brands should be where they are.

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