Metaverse Mars4 NFTs sell fast: World’s First Virtual Mars NFTs raise over $250K in a day

The Mars4 project combines NFTs, Cryptocurrency, and an immersive survival game. The first revenue-generating NFT gives you access to a virtual Mars and investment opportunities. Over $250K was raised in a day by Mars4 NFTs and land parcels sold quickly. Become a Mars landlord now to reap the benefits in the near future.

Returns on crypto

The Mars4 NFTs represent accurate maps of land across the face of Mars, created through NASA and other space agencies. They can be fully realized in a modern 3D environment. NFTs for Mars4 are part of their Epoch system, which is based on the scarcity model.

With Epoch, investors get rewarded in stages, and they see better returns the earlier they decide to invest. Below is a breakdown of the Epoch system which you may find useful: Investors who bought Mars4 land NFTs during or before the current Epoch (Epoch 1) will receive 51% of the earnings of Epoch 2 in its Tokens (‘Mars4 dollars’) in one lump sum after the NFTs under that Epoch have been sold.

A fixed range of NFTs is assigned to each Epoch between Epoch 0 and Epoch. With each Epoch having its own epoch. When an Epoch ends, any and all NFTs invested in previous Epochs receive a portion of the income generated by that Epoch. Investors who own earlier Epochs benefit more from this system.

Furthermore, the price of NFTs is likely to rise following the end of an Epoch. But according to Epoch, the scarcer the lands, the greater their value. The Epoch’s first stage redistribution will start after over 56,000 NFTs have been sold. Around 3,000 NFTs remain. After Epoch 2 has been reached, investors who own NFTs. From Epoch 1 will receive 51% of Epoch 2’s NFT sales in Mars4 dollars.

Mars4 Token Integration

A Mars4 Token and a Mars4 NFT Land will be integrated into our upcoming survival game set on the red planet. Therefore, giving NFTs an entirely new value and creating a new way for holders of those tokens to earn revenue.

The NFT Lands sold have a virtual location where the game is set so that holders and players can create their own space on Mars. The Metaverse will feature survival and colonization mechanics and reward landowners for building up thriving communities within their NFT plots, in exchange for Mars4 Tokens.

Aside from that, the game will use its Token as its core currency, creating a virtual economy that enables real-world wealth.

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