Metaverse Project being worked on by Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco, the video game publishing giant, has revealed it is working on a new project. One that could see characters and settings from Dark Souls, Dragon Ball Z, and Elden Ring collide in a metaverse. As a means of allowing fans to interact across different titles. The Tokyo-based publisher is investing $130 million in the project, which is referred to as “IP Metaverse”. The investment is part of the company’s new three-year business plan.

As part of its newly released mid-term plan, Bandai Namco also unveiled its new “IP axis strategy”. Along with a speech bubble-inspired logo as part of its new “IP axis strategy”. According to the publisher, the “IP axis strategy” is all about connecting fans and increasing value for its properties, with the company planning to create a metaverse for each IP. IP metaverses will then be part of the “ALL BANDAI NAMCO concept” of an interconnected universe. The company said it expects virtual spaces that will allow customers to enjoy a wide range of entertainment over IP. The company also plans frameworks that will allow physical experiences to be augmented with digital elements.

No official announcement from Bandai Namco as of yet

As of now, Bandai Namco has yet to announce a single IP for its metaverse plan. But there are many possible options including Dark Souls, Elden Ring, Dark Pictures Anthology, Soul Calibur, Pac-Man, and other arcade classics, as well as licensed manga and anime games. Through this project, “new platforms for connecting with fans are going to be created,” and “IP value will be maximized. Over the long term” with money going into “data foundations” and “content creation.”

It is also worth mentioning that the company does not own the intellectual property rights for many of the IPs it publishes, but rather holds a video game publishing license. In addition, it is not certain if any of these licensing agreements extend to the development of “IP metaverses” outside of the games published by Bandai Namco or if that is even considered a type of video game. There is no way to be sure until more details on the publisher’s project are announced. Bandai Namco may require new agreements with all of these intellectual property holders before incorporating their characters and locations into its “All Bandai Namco Concept.”

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