New NFTs from McLaren are available for trading

Behind Ferrari, McLaren is the second-most successful Formula 1 team of all time. The car made its first appearance in Formula 1 at the 1966 Monaco Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton, who made McLaren’s first Drivers’ Championship in 2008, is one of 183 McLaren F1 race winners. Until 2008, the team had not won the Drivers’ championship since 1999. Two consecutive championships were won by Mika Hakinnen in 1998 and 1999. Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, and Niki Lauda were previous McLaren stars. A total of 12 Drivers’ championships and 8 Constructors’ championships have been achieved. Currently, Lando Norris and Daniel Ricardo are the team drivers.

NFT drop by McLaren

McClaren Racing Collective gave fans mouthwatering options in 2021. The goal is to gather 22 digital 3-D images to build an MCL35M F1 car. A dedicated F1 McLaren fan was able to acquire all 22 digital pieces needed to assemble a 35M F1 McLaren collectible. Tezos (XTZ) is a blockchain technology that powers the McLaren Racing Collective platform.

McClaren and Sweet join forces for the NFT drop in 2022

Earlier this week, the McLaren Racing Collective released its latest NFT. New digital parts are now available for McLaren fans to build their own F1 car. In contrast to the last NFT drop, however, fans can now trade parts on a user-to-user NFT marketplace. Sweet NFT is McLaren’s marketplace for users to exchange digital car components. The NFT marketplace previously required users to get familiar with how to open an account, fund their accounts, and transact. This is no longer the case on Sweet.

Collectors can exchange parts with other enthusiasts, sell unwanted parts and even sell complete 35M digital F1 cars. So, Sweet and McLaren worked together to develop a user-to-user NFT marketplace to support the latest NFT release. Furthermore, the NFT drop on Sweet offers one key advantage: the market determines how much each digital component is worth. A user can also set a time limit for bids or a minimum bid, just like on traditional auction sites. All in all, Sweet gives NFT buyers and sellers a level playing field, enabling McLaren F1 to reach fans around the world.

Price tag of Formula 1

The chances of building the McLaren F1 car increase if fans have some car knowledge. In this case, only the F1 body must be assembled, not the engines. It is reported on Formula1’s site that Lewis Hamilton’s 2010 McLaren was among the five most expensive cars ever sold. Based on current exchange rates, Hamilton’s car sold for around $6.53m. In 2013, the 1954 Mercedes W196R sold for a record-breaking $29.65 million ($19.6 million), becoming the most expensive Formula 1 car ever sold. The McLaren team is etched in F1 history even though it hasn’t won the Divers’ Championship for a while. It is the past history of the team that will contribute to the latest NFT drop being a success for the sport and F1.

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