NFTs are a no for Final Fantasy 14

Players who heard Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda talk about adding NFTs to the company’s games Final Fantasy 14 sharply sucked in air through their teeth. “We are considering the possibility of issuing our own tokens in the future”, he said. In spite of the fact that, as he put it, “some people who ‘play for fun’. And are currently the majority of players have voiced their reservations about these new trends”.

Especially Final Fantasy 14 players have held their breath for a long time. They were waiting for an announcement that their beloved MMO would suddenly be forced to include something as ugly as the Worms NFTs or as intrusive as the Stalker 2 NFTs. For players who play for fun, there’s some good news: Naoki “Yoshi P” Yoshida has confirmed FF14 will not feature NFTs.

What about the graphic update for Final Fantasy 14?

“Based on the way FF14 is designed, we are not planning on incorporating any NFT elements in the game at this point. If anyone is worried or concerned, I can clearly state at this time that we do not have any plans to implement it.” Yoshida said in his Letter to the Producer Livestream. Despite the use of “at this point,” Yoshida went on to clarify that NFTs will not be included in FF14.

Additionally, the Livestream announced that the free trial for FF14 would resume on February 22. Registrants had previously been barred from the free trial due to server instability after the launch of the Endwalker expansion.

The version 7.0 update also included a graphical update. Characters will be able to have higher-resolution hair, skin, gear, and so on. With improved shaders, their appearance overall will not be changed significantly. There will also be higher-res textures for the environments and dungeons. As long as they match the game’s current aesthetic instead of trying to imitate photorealism. Despite the fact that the overhaul is only a month old. And testing is just beginning, here is a sample of what was shown.

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