Opera’s Crypto Browser is now available for iOS

With the debut of the highly-anticipated version for iOS, Opera, is the company behind the renowned multi-platform search engine. Today presents the newest upgrade to its “Crypto Browser Project,” providing more people direct, user-friendly accessibility to Web3 services. Web 3 is gaining traction, with a new high of 34 thousand developers joining in 2021 to work on an increasing number of dApps. Users’ Web3 experiences, on the other hand, have been inconsistent and usually not tailored for iOS users. Opera’s Crypto Browser, a specialized web3 browser with a built-in non-custodial crypto wallet. That is poised to increase acceptance and ease of use with the addition of iOS support.

The iOS version of Opera Crypto Browser succeeds the January beta launch on Mac, Windows, and Android. The Opera browser is designed to meet the demands of both experienced and beginner crypto users. Opera’s Crypto Browser Project focuses on providing a more user-friendly experience across decentralized apps, games, and metaverse platforms. The browser also has a “Crypto Corner” news and data aggregator, a custom start page dedicated to real-time crypto news and updates, crypto-asset values and gas fees, as well as crypto events, airdrops, and even podcasts.

“The interest in Web3 is continuing to grow. The Opera Crypto Browser Project was built to simplify the Web3 user experience that has often been bewildering for mainstream users. Opera believes Web3 has to be easy to use in order to reach its full potential and a mass adoption”, said Jorgen Arnesen the EVP Mobile at Opera.

Perks that come along with it

Users of the Opera Crypto Browser Project receive access to an embedded non-custodial Crypto Wallet. That supports the Ethereum, Polygon, and Celo blockchain ecosystems, with additional blockchain integration on the way. A non-custodial crypto wallet with the ability to purchase crypto with fiat, send, receive, and swap tokens from any supported blockchain. As well as smooth and having direct access to decentralized exchanges, Web3-based NFTs, and gaming Dapps – including over 7,000 Polygon-based services – are among the browser’s key features. Web3 may be viewed in the same way that any other website on Web2 can be.

Users may also recover any Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compliant Wallet with the native Opera Wallet for iOS. That lets them merge their previous assets and funds into their Crypto Browser configuration.
Opera is regarded as one of the best privacy and security browsers in the world. With over 25 years of expertise in developing web browsers. The Crypto Browser project aims to increase Web3 security for its users by including advanced features including a native ad and tracker blocker, pop-up blocker, and an intuitive Cookie Dialogue Blocker. Cryptocurrency mining protection is also incorporated, which prevents any ‘cryptojacking’ malware from compromising iOS devices (and decreases their performance).

Opera’s browser gives easier access to NFTs

Opera’s Crypto Browser was likewise created with the goal of meeting the growing customer demand for more Web3 access and a more simplified user experience. PWC estimates that Web3 and the metaverse will add $1.5 trillion to the global economy by 2030, indicating a major opportunity. Despite this enormous potential. The present adoption of these new industries is lagging behind predictions. Owing to the excessive complexity of the access to technology and the consumer experience of individual apps. Opera’s user-friendly Web3 browser tackles these difficulties.

The browser was also created to help with the increasing pains of cryptocurrency. As the popularity of Web3 grows, users and developers are turning to more efficient and environmentally friendlier PoS and Layer 2 chains, which enable cheaper transactions and require far less energy than PoW blockchains. Opera has cooperated with Polygon to address this issue and will be incorporating more PoS chains in the future. Polygon uses only 0.00079 terawatts (TWh) of electricity per year, far less than the energy-intensive Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchain networks. That use between 35 and 140 (TWh) per year on average. Opera’s Crypto Browser is a significant step forward in terms of simplifying and expediting user access to Web3 and beyond; with iOS support, Opera pushes the boundaries further for hundreds of millions of iOS users across the world.

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