Samsung unveils new products for the metaverse

Decentraland’s 3D virtual world allows Samsung to recreate New York City’s flagship store virtually. Samsung 837, the South Korean tech company’s flagship experience center in Manhattan’s trendy Meatpacking District. And is introducing a new shopping oasis that only exists in the metaverse. In its flagship titled Samsung 837X, the company unveils a fully immersive and explorable digital twin experience. Moreover, it includes quests, NFT prizes, product drops, events, and live performances for Samsung fans, visitors, and users.

Above all through a Decentraland-Samsung brand experience, consumers have access to a blockchain-powered virtual space. However, this space can be explored using a desktop browser. A digital playground, Decentraland, allows members to buy plots of land using crypto wallets after connecting their wallets. As a matter of course, if you have the full features. You can design your avatar, including hairstyles, clothing, and accessories.

As a user in Decentraland, you can purchase, sell, and explore digital assets and create your own avatar to experience the immersive world. Using Samsung’s unique product and technological innovations, the Samsung 837X digital twin store creates contemporary pop culture-based interactions. Samsung 837X has three overlapping worlds, which both thematically and experientially connect with Samsung’s core initiatives and brand pillars of Sustainability, Customization, and Connectivity. Visitor avatars can interact with each immersive experience, go on exciting quests, collect NFT wearables and other digital assets, or just have fun and play around.

How Unpacked 2022 went down with new product’s launch?

Unpacked 2022 was held at the 837X metaverse space recently as part of Samsung’s annual unveiling of its latest and greatest products. During Unpacked 2022, Samsung debuted the Galaxy S22 phone and the Galaxy Tab S8. Samsung streamed its Unpacked event live on Facebook, Twitch, TikTok, and their digital twin in this 360-degree immersive environment.

A Connectivity Theater, available exclusively on the 837X, serves as a direct connection to the Samsung stage. Relaying news and details from events involving the company’s latest products. Customers were able to sign up to attend Samsung’s event using either their digital wallets or simply by logging in as guests. Additionally, attendees were able to choose hairstyles, clothing, and accessories. Which were available for purchase at the virtual flagship after arriving at the event. The Samsung metaverse hub featured live product drops along with quests within its Sustainability Forest that led to exclusive NFTs and a live mixed reality dance party on the Customization Stage.

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