Terra Dragons Family is entering the Metaverse

Your dragons could be helping you travel across the Lunaverse and earn real money in a P2E metaverse game! Go on a Dragon Journey with them!
This project features intricately designed realistic dragons. With beautiful 3D environments and animated into full-fledged 3D scenarios. The artists behind Terra Dragons Family believe they can create truly high-quality art in the NFT space. Terra Dragons Family’s 5000 dragons are created with more than 160 different animation layers!

The Terra Dragons family aims to share happy and sorrowful moments with dragon members each day. Family Terra Dragons would be more than just a place where happy moments can be shared. But a family where members can turn to in times of trouble for kind, encompassing advice, and feel comfortable lifting each other’s spirits and regaining happiness together.

A few perks of owning these awesome Terra Family Dragons

A gallery of the 5000 dragons

Terra Dragons Family’s creators aim to create an official Dragons Gallery on Terra Dragons’ website. Viewing all 5000 animated, realistic 3D dragons, sorting by traits, and filtering by categories is available.


A special Dragon Egg Hatching Event will enable all Gen-1 dragons to produce GEN-2 baby dragons! Gen-1 dragon members will receive the same chance to receive the rare Gen-2 Baby Dragons. So, this makes it a great opportunity for NFT enthusiasts to get a chance to own these limited edition dragons. In addition to being able to vote in DragonsDAO, having Gen-2 Baby Dragons will enhance your ownership percentage in their Family Wallet. As an added bonus, the Dragon Egg and Gen-2 Baby Dragons will also be available for trade on secondary markets.

In the Lunaverse world, you can ride dragons

It is certainly possible, and very exciting, that the ones owning these awesome dragons would be able to travel through Lunaverse World by riding their dragons.

Play-to-earn in TerraDragons

With the help of their DragonsDAO community, Terra Dragons Family will explore the boundless possibilities of the future, and creating a Terra Dragons Play-to-Earn METAVERSE will be an exciting experience!

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