Ubisoft invests in an NFT game, Cross the Ages

Ubisoft is reportedly investing a lot of money in a mobile game app called Cross the Ages, or CTA, according to recent reports. Cross the Ages is a cards collector game with distinctive features: digital cards that function as NFTs. In this free-to-play game, players strive to collect as many NFTs as possible. Players can also print these virtual cards and gather them directly in the game.

For the past few months, Ubisoft has been heavily promoting NFTs. They’re going all-in on making NFTs more widely used in games. The gaming powerhouse has made a number of deals in order to diversify its business.

Ubisoft with its own NFTs called Digits

When the Ubisoft Quartz platform was released in December, it was the company’s first entry into NFTs. Digits, formerly referred to as Ubisoft NFTs, are being offered to the company’s devoted player base. Digits are the first NFTs that can be used in AAA games. And they are also powered by energy-saving technology. Each Digit is a high-quality asset and a one-of-a-kind, valuable piece of the Ubisoft universe, made possible by blockchain technology. Quartz was released in beta with Ghost Recon Breakpoint for PC gamers on Ubisoft Connect, and Digits is produced by the Ubisoft Strategic Innovations Lab. But it’s only available in a few countries.

Players thought these Digits just weren’t backward-compatible and were only attached to one game, which led to a lot of criticism from Ubisoft in their NFT initiatives. Another issue that users had was that they were concerned that the NFTs were not energy-efficient, despite Ubisoft’s assurances.

Many individuals are still puzzled by the emergence of cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Many people regard them as valuable investments, while others believe they are extremely risky things to invest in. However, with our society becoming more connected every day, we can be certain that these digital technologies are setting the framework for major changes in the game industry.

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