Wearable NFTs Launched by PEJ

The emergence of the non-fungible token market has led to a huge number of big players investing in blockchain technology. With the introduction of PEJ’s first wearable NFT hoodie, PEJ has helped launch this revolution.

One lucky PEJCOIN holder will win an epic NFT hoodie in our metaverse when PEJCOIN reaches 1000 holders. Furthermore, you get an actual hoodie matching your avatar. In addition to providing real and virtual utility to the holder, it has a use as a special VIP access pass.

PEJ’s NFTs enable users to flaunt their hoodies and be noticeable in a metaverse via wearable accessories. Users can discover the evolving NFT space through discovering the boundless creativity of the metaverse and the exclusivity of fashion in the real world.

NFT holders have access to exclusive events both in the metaverse and in real life. PEJ believes that the utility is essential to introducing new users to the space, and it aims to attract even those who are yet to join the crypto community. These ecosystems offer a lot more potential than NFTs alone, and a lot more exciting things are on the way.

Virtual clubs are on the rise

Club $PEJ, the team’s decentralized casino and strip club, will be launched when the project is completed. Virtual reality glasses allow players to play those games they find entertaining through a walkthrough. For access to the exciting features and benefits available on PEJ, you must have at least 1 PEJ coin in your wallet. Native token holders will receive a share of all royalties that the club generates. Every time a user holds a coin, the club gains 0.001% of the profits. Therefore, encouraging users to linger longer in the game.


PEJCOIN is a digital version of the degen’s coin that utilizes fiat-pegged stable coins that are algorithmically stabilized by PEJ. The plan strives to develop a decentralized payment infrastructure and facilitate financial transactions. PEJ tokens can be used to facilitate a wide range of payments both in the real world and in the virtual world.

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