Foxies Club is an upcoming NFT project featuring 7777 unique foxes

There are a lot of NFT projects out there. It’s hard to stand out in the competitive NFT market. However, if you have a unique idea behind your project, your chances go up a lot. And that is where Foxies Club comes in. It is a new and upcoming NFT project featuring a unique idea. Below you will find all the details regarding Foxies Club.

Foxies Club

The Foxies Club is an NFT art collection made up of 7 777 unique and adorable but dangerous creatures called Foxies, who live on the Solana blockchain.

A Quick Story of the Foxies Club

Many years ago, in a valley far, far away, there lived creatures known as Foxies. That occupied and protected their territory from any unwanted visitors. Upon first glance, they appear to be very cute and adorable, but on the inside, they are bloodthirsty, cruel, and merciless monsters that will kill anyone who crosses their land. 

Foxies have never been hunted down by hunters – only a few have been brave enough to attempt it, but all have disappeared and not been seen since.

It is still undetermined what awaits the hunters in the deep valley of the Foxies Club, but a plan has been put on the table to remove Foxies.

Not only did we create this project in order to develop our art skills and programming skills, but we also wanted to create content that was unique to NFT. Creating a comic book that tells the story of Foxies and their origin is the main aim of this project.

This project is for everyone. Especially kids that will definitely enjoy our cartoonish designs and style. It is our intention to donate a portion of the royalties we collect to a kid-oriented charity. As part of our bucket list, we also have a cartoon that we would like to create as soon as our team expands and we plan to make other versions of our collection, creating a brand new world full of Foxies and other characters yet to be revealed.

Road Map

  • Secondary markets with secure listings
  • Secure drop listings (howare is, etc..)
  • Social platforms (Twitter, Instagram)
  • Create the discord server and the community
  • Whitelist
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Minting the collection
  • Interactive giveaways
  • The Foxie community will select a charity for a donation
  • Creation of our unique Foxie Club comic book that tells the origins and evil intentions of the Foxies
  • Only Foxie holders will have access to this
  • Our Roadmap 2.0 will reveal other projects

If this sounds good to you, then make sure to check their website for more information. Also, join their Discord for the latest updates. To get your project covered by us, drop us an email at

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