What’s NFT (Non fungible token)? Let’s learn!

CEO and Co-Founder of Dux Crypto explain what an NFT (Non-fungible token) is? In his view, NFT is a way to certify digital files So this means a digital file can be owned and distinguished from digital replicas with a unique code.

NFT (Non fungible token) examples

You can purchase NFTs in many forms, for instance, a unique piece of digital art, a limited-run sneaker, and an in-game item. Because of the different formats such as images, songs, tweets, texts posted on websites, and other digital media, and so on can be considered digital data as examples of NFT.

Non fungible token vs. Cryptocurrency: What’s the difference?

what's  NFT

Because NFTs are unique representations of real-world assets, so the principal difference between NFTs and cryptocurrency is the fact that we can not trade NFT with each other. While we can exchange Digital currencies and cryptocurrencies with each other since their value will not be affected.

Is it worthwhile to buy NFT (Non fungible token)?

An NFT is essentially a trading card game for the super-rich, such as playing baseball cards on the playground. Although these cards have no inherent value beyond what the market attributes to them, because of their fluctuating values make their collectability and trading potential similar to a high-risk gamble.

Investing in NFT (Non fungible token): How to do it

If you want to open a wallet with the platform of your choice, you need to go to its website and register. Once you have opened the wallet, you will need to purchase ether from an exchange and transfer it to the wallet’s address. For this, you need to pick out the marketplace where you would like to purchase NFT because it is necessary to buy NFT.


After knowing about NFT, you must want to know an NFT price. The current price is $0.120216 per NFT.

Which NFT projects are good?

Below are the best 2021 NFT projects that make a difference.

  • VeeFriends.
  • Crypto Baristas.
  • Moon Boyz.
  • Meka Verse.
  • Nouns.
  • Creature World.
  • Adam Bomb Squad.
  • Claylings.

Are NFT coins available?

There are Several NFT coins available on the market due to the rapid growth and popularity of NFTs. 

You can own any digital artwork, for instance, music, video, sports collectible, and video game item with NFTs (non-fungible tokens). There are different coins on different platforms, depending on the marketplace.

Among the best NFT cryptos, which are the best to buy for 2022?

As more assets enter the NFT market, for instance, here are three of the best cryptos to buy in 2022.

  • Axie Infinity 
  • Enjin 
  • The Sandbox 

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