With gamified digital experience, Timberland enters the metaverse

The footwear company has introduced a gamified digital experience for brand enthusiasts in which they can learn more about Timberland and its past, present, and future. Therefore, the yellow boot that debuted with the brand serves as the basis for the experience, called “TibbsTrails.”

Using five unique game levels. Timberland says consumers can relive the best moments in its history. By learning about the stories, art, music, and people that fostered the original Timberland culture. The brand’s sustainable GreenStride boot will also appear in the final level, which celebrates the brand’s future.

As players progress through the first five chapters, they receive boot badges which unlock the final chapter. It was built with digital agency R/GA. If players successfully complete all six levels, they will be eligible to win TimberlandTrails prizes, such as a Timberland gift card or a pair of Timberland GreenStride boots.
Timberland noted that these experiences are also coming to Timberland retail stores. Each season, new updates will be available to enhance the digital experience.

Timberland being enthusiastic about it’s venture

We’re incredibly excited about the experiential journey we’ve created for Timberland’s fans, says Driecke Leenknegt, vice president of global marketing at Timberland. Therefore, TimbsTrails is a unique, entertaining platform for celebrating timeless footwear innovations and cultural moments. That has shaped our past and explored our shared future. “We are always looking for ways to engage our consumers, and TimbsTrails provides that on multiple levels – from a gamified online experience to our retail stores.”

Timberland’s VP of global footwear design, Chris McGrath, said the timeline has never been laid out like this before. From their 6-inch Classic Boot at the core to the 3-Eye Handsewn Lug and the Super Boot to our newest eco-innovations GreenStride. Timberland fans can engage with Timberland’s brand heritage through a digital adventure. Where they can relive the past and unlock the future through Timberland Trails. This is boot culture at its finest.

Timberland not falling short from other major brands

Timberland is the latest footwear brand to create a metaverse presence. Multiple brands have announced their entry into the metaverse either through virtual games, products, or NFTs in the last few months. Over the past few months, brands like Diesel, Original Penguin, and Gap have released NFTs. Many companies are planning to file trademark registrations to protect their brands in a virtual space.

Adidas, Nike, and Under Armour all announced new metaverse programs in December. StockX launched its marketplace earlier this month to sell its own sneaker NFTs. Furthermore, three trademark applications were submitted to the USPTO by New Balance in mid-January. Which outlines the possible sale of virtual shoes, clothing, and sports equipment under the New Balance name. The brand has announced a partnership with digital collectibles and animated celebrity creator Superplastic to release a series of new NFT products. Likewise, Prada teamed up with Adidas for their latest “re-source” NFT project, created in collaboration with digital artist Zach Lieberman.

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